Powerful balms for your health and beauty.  All our balms are made of 100% natural, either organic and/or sustainable ingredients. All products of Allbalms are created by a certified aromatherapist and the input of a New Zealand physiotherapist. All Allbalms products come in plastic free home compostable packaging and will be shipped in home compostable courier bags. A better environment is what we should all be wanting and we see our Allbalms packaging as part of the solution.

Deep Tissue Massage Balm

This massage balm is designed to be used for massage therapy.

It can be used for general body relaxation purposes, for toning body muscles and helping to relieve fatigue or muscle aches, sprains and pains.

Deo Balm

Powerful, all-natural deodorant balm forms a film on the skin preventing bacteria from breeding.

This deo balm is formulated insuch a way that it is suitable also for people with sensitive skin

Lip Balm

Luscious healing organic lip balm with organic beeswax and cocoa butter, macadamia oil, calendula, jojoba and rose hip oils and organic lime essential oil.