Allbalms No Risk Guarantee

Allbalms No Risk Guarantee

The Balm Guarantee

If or when you for any reason are not satisfied with our balms you can return the balm to us and we will buy the balm back from you.

We will ask you ‘why’ you want to sell your balm but we will not question your reason.

We do ask ‘why’ so we can learn from our customers feedback and continuously improve on our service and products.

The Shipping Guarantee

We take the word of our shipping bag and shipping label suppliers that our shipping bags & labels are home compostable. In their own words:

In a home compostable environment, the satchels have been certified to biodegrade within 180 days. Under commercial composting conditions, it would happen much faster, and as rubbish, the compostable process would still take place but it would happen more slowly. Having passed the worm toxicity test, these satchels can also decompose in worm farms.

We keep looking for other packaging and labelling but always home compostable and who knows what the future will bring as it is a fast moving world.

The Packaging Guarantee

If the packaging of our balms is not biodegraded within 180 days while in your home composting facility we will buy it back at a full refund and compost it in our garden.

We believe we have the best and most ideal packaging for you and for the environment that we will give you a free balm if you can show us an even better way of helping you and the environment.