Allbalms is all about nature and how we can help to make this a better world.

I founded the company because I believe that we should try harder to live without plastic especially plastic one time packaging.

Our shops are full of products packed and wrapped in plastic that within no time ends up at our landfill, that wouldn’t be the worst case scenario.

All to often it just ends up in nature.

Our plant nor our animals can handle plastic so it suffocates them and with that it will suffocate us, humans, as well in the long run.

This is why I started allbalms organic balms in home compostable packaging.

We can all help when we all take little steps to go without plastic.

I hope you will support me in that?!

Allbalms eco-friendly jars and tubes are made of kraft paper, and are oil resistant.
The paper used in our packaging is biodegradable, home-compostable, and paper recyclable. Allbalms packaging breaks down to soil in fertile soil in about 8-16 weeks depending on soil conditions.

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