Deep Tissue Massage Cream

Feel yourself alive and revived with our deep tissue massage cream. For when you’re looking to relax overworked muscles or reduce any skin inflammation, this massage balm brings soothing and healing – thanks to a choke full of nurturing ingredients.


Along with organic beeswax, olive, sunflower, castor, grapeseed and emu oil, arnica, vitamin E, and an extraordinary concoction of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils – created by our own certified aromatherapist  and in-house physiotherapist.




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Deep Tissue Massage Cream

Relax & Heal


From sports training to at-home workouts, sometimes our muscles get fatigued and need a deep relax. Infused with powerful peppermint, mighty ginger, and potent arnica, this massage balm induces muscle relaxation – relieving you from aches, pains, and sprains while healing your tissue from deep within. Feel your fatigue fade away with this organic massage cream.


Comes as 100g (3.5oz.) in a biodegradable, home compostable jar.


Strengthen & Nourish


Powering up the support that your body needs, we added olive oil to this balm to bring specialized massaging benefits. Apply a small amount of this balm to your problem areas and feel this power oil strengthen you by enhancing circulation – removing toxins that cause you pain and fatigue. Better yet: our blend of vitamin E, sunflower, and emu oil nourishes your body from its outside and in.



Soothe & Revive


For relief beyond muscle aches and pains, this natural massage balm brings deep soothing to the surface of your skin. Blending together wild-grown, pure essential oils that pack a heavy antioxidant punch, our formula treats skin redness, itchiness, dryness, and soreness. From bacteria-eliminating rosemary to soothing sunflower oil and vitamin E, this massage cream will both soothe and revive.



For Patients & Physiotherapists


Designed specifically for massage therapy, this healing, relaxing, and strengthening balm is perfect for use by any individual, therapist, or psysio clinic. Whether you’re looking to relieve deep tissue pain or skin inflammation, our unique formula harnesses nature’s healing powers – using the purest, wild-grown essential oils. An organic massage cream that has moderate resistance, our deep tissue massage balm is recommended by NZ-certified physiotherapists.


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Earth-loving Packaging


Just like each of our natural ingredients, we’ve taken care that our packaging is all-natural too:


  • Zero plastics used
  • Made with renewable paper
  • Suitable for home composting
  • 100% BPA free
  • 100% Phthalate Free